Baccarat Online in Canadian casinos

There are many great card games but one of them is totally underpraised – baccarat. If you have ever watched old James Bond movies you probably know how cool it is to play this game. Baccarat itself is wrongly perceived as too complex, and when you compare it to simple games like blackjack, then it is by comparison more complex. But let’s not forget that we live in a modern world and when you play baccarat online the software makes all calculations so everything is automatic. You have nothing to do but have fun!

That said, baccarat provides a clever person the opportunity to win some money. However, not everyone can get to the casino, so that is why baccarat online is a great opportunity for people who love games of chance. This guide will help you learn about the game itself, the strategies for winning, and so much more, this way you can enjoy playing something that is a little bit different, and frankly underrated.

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Baccarat rules

Baccarat online may be played without you even knowing the rules (because as we mentioned before – software will do all the job), but it would be wise if player at least understood what is going on, especially if you play baccarat online for money.

Good news is when you learn the rules, you can do a better job of winning at the game. The rules are actually pretty simple once you break them down and really internalize the rules and the strategy. Here are the baccarat game rules:

  • Unlike some card games where there is only one deck, baccarat has a shoe that contains between 6 and 8 card decks.
  • Prior to the dealing of the hands, there is betting action to be done. The betting is placed on the banker’s hand, the player’s hand, or a tie. Once the bet is placed, that is it.
  • There are two hands that get dealt out by the dealer. These hands are known as the banker’s hand and the player’s hand.
  • The cards that are face cards or 10’s will be worth zero, while the other cards get counted based on the amount of pips on the face of each card.

    Cards value in Baccarat

  • The hands are dealt in compliance with the rules, and the final hands will have two to three cards for each hand. As for determining whether a third card will be dealt, this is also pretty simple.
  • Here’s how the player’s hand works. For the player, if their first two cards are valued at 6 or greater, the player is required to stand, which means that the player can’t ask for another card. However, if the player’s hand has a value of 5 or a lesser number, the player is required to ask for at least more card. Seems pretty simple.
  • The banker’s hand is a bit more complex than the player’s hand. The way this works is if the banker has a hand where the first two cards have a value of 7 or greater, then the banker is required to stand and may not draw any additional cards. However, if the banker’s hand has a value between 0 and 2, then the banker is required to draw an additional card. However, when the banker’s hand is valued between 3 and 6, then the requirement of the banker to draw is set in motion by whether the player has drawn. Depending on the player’s valuation after the draw. This will determine if the banker is going to draw.
    baccarat drawing rules

    Baccarat drawing rules (S = stand, H = hit) also known as 3rd card rule

  • After all of this is done, the hands are totaled up, and the determination of the winner and loser takes place right here. The total number is broken down to the last digit, which means that all of the hands in baccarat are ranging from a high of 9 to the low of zero. The hand with the larger number wins, and if the hands have the same value, then what happens is a tie.
baccarat card counting system

Example of baccarat card counting

The game is fairly simple to play, and these rules are not too difficult, especially considering how the numbers and the valuation of the cards works, so the reality is that you can figure out how to play baccarat really quickly. Check out free baccarat online game right here before you heading for big winnings in real-money baccarat:

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Baccarat Odds of Winning

Of course, everyone wants to win at baccarat online but not everyone can. This means you have to know the odds. The odds of baccarat help you understand how to play the game and allow you to make the right bets when you are in all sorts of different situations.

Let’s start with winning and losing. When you win, this means you are paid in a 1 to 1 ratio – so whatever you bet is what you get in return. However, depending on where you play, a tie could end up with an 8 to 1 or a 9 to 1 ratio. Because the ties are so rare, this is why they are worth more. If there is a tie and you did not bet on a tie, that means yourself and the banker will get the bets refunded, so no harm no foul right there.

As far as the odds, the house edge is really low in baccarat online. The banker only has a 1.06% house edge which is ridiculously low. For the player bet, the house edge ticks up a bit, it is 1.36% on these bets. Now, when it comes to ties, here’s where the house edge is quite large – it is 14.4% there.

As for the player winning, the odds of the player’s hand being the winner are just a tick under 45% while for the banker, the odds of winning are nearly 46%. As for a tie hand, the chances of this happening are about 9.5%. Therefore, you can see how easy it is to win on the player’s hand and the banker’s hand, and yet how difficult it is to find a tie hand, and that is why the payout is so high when there is a bet on the tie and the tie actually comes up.

Baccarat Strategy – Looking at the best ones to win

There are plenty of different ways to win at baccarat online, and when you have a good strategy, what will happen is you will end up making sure that you are putting yourself in a positive situation where you can win and make some money off of the game. As for the strategies, there are some that run afoul of casinos like counting cards, but if you are smart, you can make sure that you use your strategy to perfection in this easy to play casino game.

The One-Sided Strategy

It seems to be a bit strange to just constantly take the side of either the banker or the player. This is a simple strategy however there are plenty of good reasons to use this strategy. The first is that it is quite effective. The odds of you ending up in the winning position when one of two shoes are bet is around 3 to 1. The better news is that your bankroll will stay at the breakeven position is about 4 to 1. Therefore, this is a great strategy to employ if you are looking to do something pretty safe.

The reality is there is a point when either the player or the banker end up with an advantage. This happens around 8 of 10 different shoes. When you choose a side to go with, you do have a chance of getting up by at least one unit, which is not too shabby in this game.

When it comes to the flat bet, you will need wins of at least three units or more to go ahead of the opposition. That confidence that you get will end up showing you why this strategy is a good one to use when you are playing baccarat online.

Trend Switch Combat Baccarat Strategy

There are two trends that you are looking to switch between when you are playing baccarat online, these trends are trend 1 and trend 2. When you use this strategy, you will have greater chances for success. The way this works is that you will start off with a flat bet. Then what you will do is follow the rules of the trends. The way this works is that when you have found yourself on the losing end of one trend, then you need to switch to another trend. There is no stopping in this strategy, nor do you look for a trigger. Instead, all you do is make sure to bet the other trend. This is a simple way to make some money when you are playing baccarat.

As for the stop loss, you should make sure that it is wider. Your target should be near 8 or more. You will end up being profitable on both sides and at the same time, you will be in control of your betting. At some point you will even find your own moment where you can double down. Reading the target is also fairly likely. There is a 65% chance where you will not just hit your target but end up doing something profitable, which is one of the main reasons why you are playing the game in the first place. As you are playing this strategy, it is really simple on its face and that means it is a great strategy when you are educated a little bit in how baccarat online works and are ready to take on a new strategy. With the odds of being profitable so high, this is definitely a great idea for anyone looking to make some cash.

Breaking the Doubles Strategy

The thing about this strategy is the people who use it truly believe that the house hates the strategy, so that alone is good reason to use the Breaking the Doubles strategy.

The key is to overcome the edge the house has. The reality is that 90% of outcomes in baccarat shoes are zig-zag streaks and there is a combination of the same type of streaks for the banker and the player. The reality is that you will know when you are on a losing shoe, and when you find that shoe, you can avoid it. The thing about the shoes is most of them have zig-zag patters of Banker and Player and BB PP outcomes. These streaks do happen in clusters. They will appear within a short distance of each other and that means you have to bet accordingly.

The way it works is you will be the opposite of the zig-zag pattern. When you do this and you end up doubling down, you will win a good amount. The best time to double down is after you lose, and that means you will be avoiding the streak in order to win the hands.

Variations of Baccarat

Baccarat is an exciting game and it is clear that there are a few variations of it, here they are:

  • Mini Baccarat: Smaller version of the game.
  • Chemin de Fer: This is a variation where there is more involvement of players.
  • Punto Banco: This game can feature up to 14 different players.
  • Baccarat Banque: This game is where one person is the dealer the whole time.

Baccarat Terms

When you know the terms in baccarat you will have an easier time playing the game. Here is what you need to know:
  • Baccarat: A count of zero; the game’s worst hand
  • Banco: Banker
  • Bankroll: How much money you have to play
  • Commission: 5% fee going to the house on wins
  • La Grande: Hand that totals 9 – best hand in the game
  • Natural: When two cards total 8 or 9
  • Standoff: When player and banker are tied


Can You Really Win in Online or Live Baccarat?
Absolutely! These are games of chance. Enhance your chances of winning by making sure that you are using smart strategies.
How to Choose a Baccarat Type?
The way to choose a baccarat type is to make sure that you use the free demo modes. This allows you to develop a strategy so that you can win consistently.
Is it Legal in Canada to Play Baccarat Online?
Yes, it is legal in Canada as long as the casino is based in a location outside of the country. You can enjoy baccarat from the comfort of your home.
How many betting positions are there on a baccarat table?
Three – player’s, banker’s and tie.