Online Casino Gambling – General Information for Canadian Players

Gambling at online casinos in Canada: General information for Canadians who play for real money

The first and most important thing for the Canadian online casinos player to understand is that Government regulates this activity. It does not take the same stance as the US Government with their enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. When this act was first promulgated there was a good deal of propaganda around stating that the Canadian Government would take the same stance. This is however completely untrue and the province of British Columbia even has their own state-run online casino site.

In fact, there are no direct law restrictions for Canadians to play online at any website where they are allowed by online establishment itself. But we would recommend you to check for those attributes before looking closer at a casino you have chosen.

Go to the bottom of the website and look for Gaming Authorities logos (this is a usual place where they are located):

gaming authorities logos in the website footer
But hey – those are not just pictures and logos – you click on them and you will be followed to the license page. Here you can check if license is not expired, it’s number etc.

Then look at website url – nowadays every earnest casino have an SSL sertificate to protect its online clients:

example of SSL encryption

Real money online casinos are popular in Canada and sensibly Government understands that this is not an activity which can be stopped. If people want to gamble they will gamble and this has proved to be true over many centuries, gambling is not a new activity.

What we actually have is a series of sophisticated Canadian online casinos. They cater to regional tastes, use the same idiom and dialect and obviously the people who play online at these sites relate better to one another. Not all players go online to gamble only; to some users this is also a social activity. The cultural trend in Canada however is more in line with the gambling act itself and winning, whereas in the UK players actually socialize as much as they play online casino for real money.

An online casino with a Canadian flavor and currency sees players feeling more at home. It is also then able to offer more localized promotions. For example it would be difficult to give away a car as a prize to a player in Hong Kong if the online casino was regionally Canadian. So, this helps the site offer more promotions of a local flavor also. This means holidays and all kinds of great deals are available as prizes.

However all online casinos welcome most players from all over the world. If a Canadian online casino does not allow certain players they will state this in their terms and conditions. If regional or locally interesting promotions apply, they may even make allowance for overseas players by offering a cash reward instead. In our casino reviews we try to highlight those nuances for you to keep our readers up-to-date.

example of restricted casino for canadians

Playing online casino games is great fun, it is not only lucrative when you win, but an entertaining and relaxing activity too. If it wasn’t, it would not be so popular. All games that started online started before real money online casinos were operating and they became popular even without financial incentive. Games will always be popularly played online and at the best Canadian online casinos, you will even find games which can be played in free or demo mode. Take advantage of these games if you can, but you will soon wish you were playing these online casino games for real money.